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Welcome to Jesus Music Oldies Wiki

This non-editable Wiki will include information on Jesus Music era artists and their music. Our database will take awhile to build and will be ongoing.

At the moment, there are no links to this database but it still may show up in a search.


Our Mission

We have kept a paper discography of Jesus Music / CCM albums starting back in the early 70s. We amassed a private collection of over 1000 CCM albums and hundreds of CDs over the years. It has always been our goal to publish an as-comprehensive-as-possible database on the music of the Jesus Music era. Since our online radio station had to go dark because of a lack of funding, this has now become our goal to populate this database. After being a contributor of Jesus Music information to Wikipedia.org, One-Way.org, ChristianMusicArchive.com, Discogs.com, Dmoz.org, MusicMoz.org and other online sites for many years, we only began this work here recently because of the discovery of the free MediaWiki software. Now, as time allows, the information that is on our paper database will be transferred to our website. We will also include links to music available on Amazon.com when such is available.

Our Method

As we learn the MediaWiki software, our first goal is to enter in all of the raw data that we have. This will be basically just a group or artist's name, a short bio line, album titles and date of issue, and links to websites connected to that entry. At a later date, artist pictures and album jacket photos will be added as well as other information. We will strive to be as comprehensive as possible but that will take time. When CDs and digital downloads are available, we will provide links to those pages too as a courtesy.

Our Criteria

The artists we will list or consider listing here must have released an album prior to Jan. 1, 1980. According to many historians, the Jesus Music era technically ended in 1977 with the release of the first coined CCM album by Amy Grant. CCM Magazine began publication in 1978 and it's been CCM ever since. But most websites for Jesus Music continue on through the end of 1979 and some go even past. For now, we will include all album releases up through 1979 that are considered Jesus Music, CCM, Contemporary Gospel, etc. We will also continue to list later releases for those artists who began in the 60s and 70s to let listeners know that if you liked their earlier music, you can continue to follow the artist's musical journey up until their last album release.


Why Amazon.com? The most asked question we get at JMO is, "Where can I get this music?" We are an affiliate partner of Amazon.com. When you click one of the Amazon links, it will take you to their page on that artist or that particular album where you can find CDs, digital downloads, and even some vinyl copies of that album for sale. We are not associated with the sellers in any way but provide the links strictly as a courtesy. Also, when you click our links to Amazon, they give us back a small referral fee. You pay exactly the same as you would going through their front door but that referral helps us pay for hosting and server costs to keep this website online free of charge as a public service to all fans of the music of the Jesus Movement era. Thanks for your support!

One Last Thought

Some may ask, "Do we really need another Christian music database online?" The answer is, "Probably not." But it's something we've been doing for over 40 years and had not been able to easily do until MediaWiki software became available and then discovered by us. And no one online website seems to have all of the data gathered in one spot. So we'll try to do that (as we've done on paper for over four decades) and hopefully can add things that are missing too. We hope you'll enjoy your time here!

Table Of Contents

We've now added a bit of data so here's what we have so far:

Table Of Contents


All information gathered here has come from multiple sources. Our main source is the album jackets themselves as well as from official websites of those groups that still have one. We also draw information from fan sites as well as existing archive sites. Some of our data comes from Wikipedia.org through the Creative Commons license that site operates under. Please check out our sources below and support those sites as well. All copyrighted material has been rewritten in compliance with the law.


  • On The Web:
  • In Book Form:
Encyclopedia Of Contemporary Christian Music ~ Mark Allan Powell
Archivist ~ Ken Scott
Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music? ~ Paul Baker